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  1. The AREDN Mesh project — Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network
  2. The Meshtastic project — Open Source hiking, pilot, skiing and secure GPS mesh communicator.
  3. The American Redoubt Radio Operators Network — Nationwide Emergency Comm Network

Documents and Training

  1. Radio Plan: 3-3-3

Antenna Projects

  1. Homebrew GMRS 3 Element Yagi
  2. Design your own J-pole.

Home/Office Projects

Radio Nets

  1. The ARRL North Florida Section
  2. The Rural Radio Preparedness Association — (RRPA)

Workbench and Troubleshooting

  1. The Ham Radio Workbench Podcast —
  2. How to build an electronics workbench.

Radio & Electronics Projects

  1. Radio Hobbyist's Design book — RHdb!


  1. The K3NG Arduino CW keyer kit
Atlas man graphics
  1. Christian Emergency Network: Ready Church — (CENUS)


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